About Kadima Digital SEO agency

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company

Come again…a what? 

To sum it up, we are what is known as an SEO Agency. We do both global and local SEO to organically increase your online visibility while taking on digital marketing, industry-specific lead generation, content marketing services, ppc campaign operations as well as social media management- all to get your company the expanding reach it is looking for. 

Now that’s a mouthful to process…so let’s rewind it a little… 

The Kadima Digital SEO Agency is a tribe of like-minded digital marketing enthusiasts. Since the early 2000’s we have done whatever it takes, using online and offline tactics, to get companies’ ‘noticed’. Being courageous in the early days of the internet, meant experimenting a lot. We were fortunate to work with companies that allowed our creative freedom to test the field, so they could flourish.  

Over the years, new software has rolled out to make our job easier and more fun, providing us more insight into why the things we do work, and how to make our efforts go viral. Modern technology now gives us the chance to look into the psyche of the user, your customer, or simply a curious web surfer, and make magic happen. 

Our group is broken up into 6 teams; strategic thinkers, content creators, social media mavens, PPC planners, SEO on-site technicians, and SEO off-site backlink builders. 

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Strategic thinkers

Having played around in many verticals, this group of forward thinking individuals use their creative outside-the-box perspective to build strategies that make your products shine and dazzle- setting you apart from your competition. They go behind the curtains of your industry: understanding your competitors and what works for them, your customers and what they actually buy, and most importantly what your goals are, where they are taking you, and the best steps to take in order to get you to where you want to be. These guys and gals are Kadima’s visionaries, they lay the groundwork for the rest of the alchemy to follow...and, without a doubt, they earn their first place in line when the office masseuse comes around!

Content Creators

Storytellers, especially these days, come in a myriad of different forms. At Kadima, these creatives are the pivotal centerpieces that are behind the power of words. Content is the heart of all of our campaigns, and it is where we have the most creative license. Each of these team members know how to craftily adapt their rhythm, reason and rhyme to get you seen and up your engagement. After a concise briefing from our strategy team, content creators effortlessly spin a wondrous web of story and emotion that spans across the wide breadth of digital platforms that exist. Wordsmiths to the core, they generate what you bring to the online world: whether short or long, attention grabbing, or thought provoking, trust them to be on-point at getting your story heard and your efforts acknowledged.

Social Media Mavens

In an era of ‘see and be seen’, social networks are an essential component of our client framework. Planning the online presence, scheduling posts, and dissecting social data is what this team does daily. These trendsters ensure that all of our clients maintain a visual digital appearance to keep the buzz going and build social status. The daily management of these campaigns allows them to monitor each unique profile, keeping the conversations flowing and making sure your voice is heard where it’s utilized the most. We build your brand and these mavens digitally represent it- now you can relax and just focus on the business.

PPC Players

Yes yes, and now the obvious question of what paid campaigns are being offered under the umbrella of an SEO agency that prides itself on organic sustainable growth!? Well, part of our holistic approach is keeping the doors open to the full breadth of our client needs. While organic growth builds stability and strength, sometimes giving a little boost to one campaign or another can meet our clients’ immediate needs and set the spark that can help build the fire. With the ever-growing popularity of social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and the visibility of Google Ads, there is a PPC plan for every type of business that our specialists can help identify to give your platform the occasional little push it needs. Currently, this service is only offered to existing clients as part of our bigger vision, not as a quick fix a la carte.

SEO Onsite technicians

The game has changed, and with it the emphasis on a client’s website and the need to hit certain essential sweet spots as an online presence. This group is made up of our distance runners, staying strong and steady to keep your long term goals in the line of vision. Our team of specialists take care of all aspects of your website- delving into the depths of keyword research, analysis and targeting, all while making sure that our broader plans stay intact in order to steadily get you to that first page of Google and keep you there. Technical SEO is exactly how it sounds...technical...and yet it is so very important to keep up with and maintain. Unfortunately most companies find this aspect of business lackluster or tedious, either ignoring it or simply losing out by not knowing how to fix it. Our team loves it and lives it, making sure that your website works for you rather than you having to work on it.

Backlink Builders

These are the roots to Kadima’s far branching trees. The longevity of all of our client campaigns rely on the expansive and digitally imbedded reach of this team. This team of experts takes their webs-pertise and build links along with online citations weekly to enhance each client's web authority. They manage to embed your link in sites here...there...and everywhere! It may not be the most glamorous side of our strategy, but the reward in terms of outcome makes it all worthwhile. These ladies and gents are well connected in all the tangles of the web and have the ability to build links throughout a wide variety of websites across the web-including (when budget allows for it) on some of the biggest most popular websites in your niche.

We have grown our brands online alongside a whole dynamic industry. We watched as Myspace stumbled and fell, while rivals like Facebook skyrocketed. We did the work to understand the whys. We identified gaps in different industries and decided to test and plug them with our own products and services. Some of these have held strong, maintaining successful digital shelf lives spanning many years. 

Currently SEO is experiencing a strong surge and revival, coming hand in hand with its more territorial sibling-Local SEO. Our front row seat in this ever changing landscape has allowed us to learn the ropes and establish our footing to where the powers that be (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) can properly reward us for the informed and comprehensive work that we do.


Expand your SEO horizons with Kadima Digital.