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Find our office in Sandton, Johannesburg

Located in the heart of Johannesburg, our office sits in the affluent area of this metropolitan city. In the past 20 years, Sandton has been developed into one of the top financial districts in the country. All of the nation’s top investment banks and financial consultants have chosen to relocate their head office to Sandton itself. Some notable companies include Massmart and Nedbank.

You can also find one of the biggest convention centres of the African continent in Sandton. The Sandton Convention Centre is a twelve storey building built to accommodate up to 10,000 people at any one time. Some of the most prolific annual events are held at this convention centre. 

Johannesburg has now transitioned from being a gold mining city to becoming one of the most multicultural and vibrant cities in the continent. Home to one of the world’s largest urban forest and art gallery, this is a progressive city that Kadima Digital is proud to call one of our homes.


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    A local agency for you

    Our client profile is not limited to any one industry. As a digital agency focused on results, we’ve helped ecommerce stores, accelerators, marketplaces and even international charities achieve success.

    Our onboarding process is designed to be extremely meticulous so that we can understand the client’s needs and ambition in the online marketing space. This allows our team to become heavily invested in the growth and development of the client’s business. 

    Whether it’s managing a press release to build your website’s backlink profile or finding the right keywords to boost your blog post’s SEO value, every step of the process is handled with a delicate and personal touch to it.  

    Here at the Sandton office, we make it our mission to implement the industry’s best SEO, PPC, and lead generation tactics. In order to achieve the most successful results, we also believe in working very closely with our clients. We believe in staying transparent with our process and efforts. 

    Whether it’s a question about content marketing, social media analytics, PPC ad budget strategy or technical SEO, we’re happy to educate our clients on how we work at Kadima.

    Our favorite places in Sandton

    For a quick indulgence in the upscale district of Sandton, Johannesburg, there is Tasha’s Cafe. Inspired by African Glamour, the cafe-restaurant features a stunning interior with a menu that matches it. Enjoy a spectacular lunch and coffee here and then have a walk around Nelson Mandela Square! 

    When it comes to the weekend, nothing beats a short drive down to the Fourways Farmer’s Market. This huge space is dedicated for gourmet foods, artisanal goods and cocktails. To top it off there are also live bands that are scheduled to perform throughout the day.  

    Last but not least, there is Bordeaux Riverside Park.  Located just a short walk away from our office, this is an amazing park for a quick workout, family picnic or lunch break. This public sanctuary offers a quick breather from the daily grind our team has to go through, and is the perfect setting for anyone that needs a quick energy recharge!

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    We are lucky to have strong relationships with all past and present (and hopefully future) companies we have worked with. This value is strong within our teams and one we pride ourselves with.

    Here on Clutch, you can read and have access to the most in-depth reviews from current or past clients. It is an honor to receive the feedback and praise for the results we have helped our clients achieve so far.


    On Linkedin you can meet our expanding team of digital marketing professionals from all around the world.

    No matter where we are located, our team is always working around the clock using the industry’s best practices for SEO, PPC, social media marketing and more!

    "Did you know that by optimizing local SEO for your business monthly, you can expect an increase of 500% in your website traffic".

    What people
    are saying

    Karen Schwok (‫קארן שווק‬‎)
    Karen Schwok (‫קארן שווק‬‎)
    12:34 22 Dec 20
    Great digital marketing team we enjoy to work with
    Marianna Christodoulou
    Marianna Christodoulou
    13:32 26 Oct 20
    Kadima Digital SEO Agency has been a great digital marketing team to work with. Great ideas, very efficient, great... people to work with. Insightful reports have been great to see through their weekly and monthly reporting that helped us more
    Tavis Brown
    Tavis Brown
    16:30 24 Jul 20
    Fantastic digital agency. They go above and beyond the brief and care about understanding my business whilst providing... measurable solutions. Can't recommend them highly more
    Gil Lang
    Gil Lang
    20:16 15 Jul 20
    After Kadima worked on our strategy, we saw our growth increase by 30% online. This was only in the first month, while... we expected it to take longer. From this we realized the importance of building a community, engaging with them and growing with them along our journeyread more
    Peter Lombardi
    Peter Lombardi
    06:50 22 Jun 20
    When it comes to handling my website, i trust the Kadima guys to run things smoothly. Not only did they help me with my... bigger marketing concerns, but they're also extremely detail oriented with the smaller things. Thanks!read more
    Tom C
    Tom C
    18:33 12 Jun 20
    Kadima Digital is great at explaining online marketing concepts. The process of them handling the SEO of my website has... exceeded my expectations greatly. Looking forward to working with this agency for more years to come!read more
    Jade Ebenezer
    Jade Ebenezer
    11:28 20 May 20
    I have been using Kadima across different countries and markets . Their attention to detail and ability to quickly... translate strategy into traffic delivers results. I highly recommend a consultation to see what they can do for you .read more
    Tali Sivan
    Tali Sivan
    08:22 06 May 20
    I've been using Kadima Digital as our SEO Agency in Tel Aviv for over a year now and I am very happy. They are quick to... communicate, helpful throughout the day and most importantly give my website that organic boost we need. Cant recommend them enough if you need SEO for your company or other digital marketing tasksread more
    Shai Feldman
    Shai Feldman
    20:05 18 Dec 19
    We started off with very little understanding of what’s behind SEO, only that it was something that would help move us... forward in our business. Kadima made a huge difference in our online traffic. In about 6 months worth of time they boosted our rankings, put us on the first page of Google, and we had a huge upsurge of leads. Professional, knowledgeable, thorough and great to work with...we have become loyal clients and highly recommend!read more
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    We mix Local SEO into all our on-site SEO packages for free but if you would like this service as a stand alone, we can work out a quote for you based on your needs. With all work we start on your online assets, we first do an audit to see whats been done and how we can improve. If we can show you some quick wins first, while we work on the bigger, longer goals then all concerned will feel a little more at ease.

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