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Find our head office in Tel Aviv, Israel

Located in the heart of the middle east, our head office sits in Tel Aviv, Israel. This little country is home to more startups per capita and some very well known tech companies, including Payoneer, Walkme and Riskified. 

In the most recent years, the thriving tech scene has drawn many venture capitalists and startup founders to the city. The Peres Center for Peace & Innovation is also a testament to the city’s commitment to driving innovation.

Besides its mature business ecosystem, Tel Aviv is also known to be one of the best cities for nightlife and international cuisine. The cultural heritage combined with its modern sensibilities makes it the ideal environment for Kadima Digital to connect with forward-thinking brands and business leaders.

It is our pride and honor to call the world’s most innovative tech hub our home.


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    A Digital Marketing Agency for you

    We work with many companies like yours, ranging from the ecommerce stores to accelerators, marketplaces and even international charities. If you are ready to scale up, or refine your messaging with laser targeted marketing, you’ve come to the right place. As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves in calling our clients, family. 

    Whether it’s releasing a new product online or refining the overall branding message, every step of the process is handled with a delicate and personal touch to it.  

    Here at the Tel Aviv head office, any task, project or line of copy is treated with great care, and we make it our mission to deliver the industry’s best practices to exceed our client’s expectations.

    With every new client we take on, we always pay extra attention to the special needs and expectations that each client has. 

    Every milestone we reach with our clients is also accompanied by a transparent understanding of our process and efforts. Whether it’s a question about content marketing, social media analytics, PPC ad budget strategy or technical SEO, we’re happy to educate our clients on how we work at Kadima.

    Our favorite places in Tel Aviv

    When it comes to coffee and pastries, nothing beats the pastries offered at Milk Bakery. Located just a stone’s throw away from Kadima Digital, this is a favorite place for the team to unwind and indulge in some sweet treats.

    Slightly further north of Jaffa is the Florentin district. Known to be Tel Aviv’s industrial zone turned arts district, this place is home to another favorite spot that we recommend visiting: Hummus Eliyahu. The taste of the hummus, falafel and vegan shawarma are a testament to this franchise’s success nationwide.

    Last but not least, there is Michelangelo. One of the few fully-vegan cafes located in Tel Aviv, this reclusive spot offers a space for those wanting to take a breather from the city grind. After a long day of work, you can find the Kadima team enjoying a tofu scramble sandwich or an in-house beverage here.

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    We are lucky to have strong relationships with all past and present (and hopefully future) companies we have worked with. This value is strong within our teams and one we pride ourselves with.

    Here on Clutch, you can read and have access to the most in-depth reviews from current or past clients. It is an honor to receive the feedback and praise for the results we have helped our clients achieve so far.


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    No matter where we are located, our team is always working around the clock using the industry’s best practices for SEO, PPC, social media marketing and more!

    "Did you know that by optimizing local SEO for your business monthly, you can expect an increase of 500% in your website traffic".

    What people
    are saying

    Karen Schwok (‫קארן שווק‬‎)
    Karen Schwok (‫קארן שווק‬‎)
    12:34 22 Dec 20
    Great digital marketing team we enjoy to work with
    Marianna Christodoulou
    Marianna Christodoulou
    13:32 26 Oct 20
    Kadima Digital SEO Agency has been a great digital marketing team to work with. Great ideas, very efficient, great... people to work with. Insightful reports have been great to see through their weekly and monthly reporting that helped us more
    Tavis Brown
    Tavis Brown
    16:30 24 Jul 20
    Fantastic digital agency. They go above and beyond the brief and care about understanding my business whilst providing... measurable solutions. Can't recommend them highly more
    Gil Lang
    Gil Lang
    20:16 15 Jul 20
    After Kadima worked on our strategy, we saw our growth increase by 30% online. This was only in the first month, while... we expected it to take longer. From this we realized the importance of building a community, engaging with them and growing with them along our journeyread more
    Peter Lombardi
    Peter Lombardi
    06:50 22 Jun 20
    When it comes to handling my website, i trust the Kadima guys to run things smoothly. Not only did they help me with my... bigger marketing concerns, but they're also extremely detail oriented with the smaller things. Thanks!read more
    Tom C
    Tom C
    18:33 12 Jun 20
    Kadima Digital is great at explaining online marketing concepts. The process of them handling the SEO of my website has... exceeded my expectations greatly. Looking forward to working with this agency for more years to come!read more
    Jade Ebenezer
    Jade Ebenezer
    11:28 20 May 20
    I have been using Kadima across different countries and markets . Their attention to detail and ability to quickly... translate strategy into traffic delivers results. I highly recommend a consultation to see what they can do for you .read more
    Tali Sivan
    Tali Sivan
    08:22 06 May 20
    I've been using Kadima Digital as our SEO Agency in Tel Aviv for over a year now and I am very happy. They are quick to... communicate, helpful throughout the day and most importantly give my website that organic boost we need. Cant recommend them enough if you need SEO for your company or other digital marketing tasksread more
    Shai Feldman
    Shai Feldman
    20:05 18 Dec 19
    We started off with very little understanding of what’s behind SEO, only that it was something that would help move us... forward in our business. Kadima made a huge difference in our online traffic. In about 6 months worth of time they boosted our rankings, put us on the first page of Google, and we had a huge upsurge of leads. Professional, knowledgeable, thorough and great to work with...we have become loyal clients and highly recommend!read more
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