Google Stacking: Local SEO Growth Hack of 2020

Google Stacking

Google Stacking: Local SEO Growth Hack of 2020

What is Local Seo?

Many of you reading this article might already know about on-page or off-page SEO. You might also have heard the term local SEO. The name itself might sound explanatory.

But how different is it to on-page and off-page SEO? 

On-Page and off-page SEO is about websites reaching audiences all over the world online. Local SEO is about businesses reaching out to people in your local geographical area.

With local SEO, there are many ways businesses can optimize to improve their search rankings and brand visibility. The more people in your area find your business online, the more likely they will make a purchase.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, this may be the perfect article for you. There are tons of strategies for you to explore, and today we’ll be telling you about the best one yet!

Google Stacking!

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What is Google Stacking?

Google Entity Stacking. Ever heard of it? It’s okay if you haven’t. If you’re a local business, this might be the best piece of SEO news that you’ve never heard of.  

Google Stacking is an amazing SEO tactic that allows you to build backlinks on several Google platforms. These include sites like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Maps, Youtube and more.

Google Platforms have top-notch authority, and it also gets one thing done pretty quickly. Getting Indexed!

Google indexes its own platform links really quickly!

Is Google Stacking Black Hat or White Hat?

You might think google stacking is a black hat strategy because it builds backlinks very quickly, and borrows link juice from Google platforms. Based on those two things, you’re almost right.

Anything else that builds backlinks fast and borrows link juice from irrelevant websites can be considered a black hat strategy. Except with google properties. Why?

Because google favors the use of its platforms and won’t penalize the use of them for backlinks.

Using Google Drive’s Entire Suite

One of the most efficient online software is already available to use. Google Drive! On drive, you’re probably already familiar with google docs, google sheet and google slides.

There’s also google mymaps, google forms and google sites. Each of these platforms offers us an opportunity to create backlinks pointing to your local business website.

What’s amazing is the number of files we can create in this folder in a short amount of time! Here’s a quick example.

Imagine that you have this local business called Healthy Food Pickup that is based in Singapore. For now, let’s say the website can be found at

For your business, you want to create google drive files that point back with relevancy.  Even though google stacking is a method that won’t get you penalized, we want to practice embedding links in a non-spammy way!

How can we avoid being spammy? We’re going to create keywords that are relevant to the business. For Healthy Food Pickup, one of the relevant keywords might be “delicious catered food”.

We’re going to use this keyword in a Google Document file title.

google stacking word document example

This article on google docs will be a summary about how the company makes their food. In the opening paragraph, there is a chance to include a link to the website. 

Over here we found text that can be used to point back to the website’s What We Do page.

google stacking linking example

In just the first few sentences we found a dofollow link back to our website already!

Besides google doc, healthy food pickup can also leverage the power of google slides and sheets! For example in google slides, you can create a slide presentation that showcases the month of March’s meal plan.

For google sheets you can also create a table of all the ingredients of every meal planned out for March.

The number of relevant content you can create for your business are endless.

So what do you do once you’ve created a file?

Once you have all your files created in your folder, you want to set the folder’s access to public!

share google stack document

This will allow Google to crawl and index these files almost instantly! From here on google will also register the links that you created.

Remember, you can create as many google drive resources as you want! The more valuable your resources are, the more you can establish yourself as an online authority in your business industry,

Create Citation Links

When you’re trying to build awareness around your business, you want to make it easy for people to find you. This may include things such as content marketing or paid advertising, but it should also include citation links.  

What is a citation link? This is any online reference to a business.

We’re looking at the name, address, phone number of a business being listed on multiple platforms. These could include social platforms, business directories, and apps.

Citation links are great for your business as it could increase impressions, click-through-rates, and maybe transactions as well! 

Learning to manage your citation links is also equally important. The quality and placement of these links will tell Google how reputable and trustworthy your business is.

One great citation link you can get for free is with Google my Business! For this article, we’ll show you how to create it for Healthy Food Pickup.

Let’s go to

gmb login page

Click on manage now.

find business on gmb

On this page we’ll type in our business name.

naming your business gmb

After this step. We’ll fill in all the other necessary information as well. This means your phone number and website url!

Once you’re done with creating your google my business listing, it’s time to verify your business as well. Following this, you will now have your first online citation!

Your business now will be visible to people searching on google!

What is even better is that you can now create more backlink options for your business! Let’s explore that.

Create a Custom MyMap

You might already be an expert of using Google Maps when locating your next cafe or bar to unwind at. However, how about utilizing this platform to boost the visibility of your own business!

MyMaps offers a list of great customizable benefits for businesses. Instead of just showing the location of your office, you can show the entire customer experience of certain services or products you’re offering!

One great and simple way to create a backlink is to add your google my business listing to mymaps.

Let’s search for healthyfoodpickup on mymaps.

create google maps citation

After we click on that results option, we want to add the result to our mymaps layer by clicking on the green pin result that pops up.

find business listing on mymaps

And then we click Add to Map.

create layer. on mymaps

We now want to share our custom mymap that we’ve created because we’ve created something that can now act as a backlink. How do you do this?

You want to share this custom mymap, and change the settings to public viewers only.

share link of mymaps

This allows google to crawl this new mymaps, and for the healthyfoodpickup web link to be registered as a new backlink!

Guest Posting on Cloud Platforms

One great thing about Google is that they have their own cloud platform. Its called Google Cloud!

Google Cloud is a great property to include in your google stack once you learn the basics of it.

When it comes to practicing good Local SEO, not many online resources talk about google cloud, We want to give you a basic breakdown here.

Now when we mention cloud services or properties, we don’t want to scare you off. Instead, we want you to think of it as an awesome backlink opportunity that’s free! Its also really easy to implement.

Go to Sign up for free and get started now!

First thing you do is to create a new project.

google cloud new project

After that go and type in “create bucket” in the top search bar.

create bucket google cloud
name bucket google cloud

Now that you have a bucket, you can upload html files with links pointing to your website!

When you upload those files, make sure to set the bucket access to public!

edit bucket permission google cloud

Choose edit bucket permissions, and then you’ll have to add a new member.

add member google cloud

After that we’ll type in allusers into the search bar, and select the allusers option. We want allusers to have the role of a storage object viewer.

allusers access google cloud

Final Words

Now you have all the fundamental platforms at your fingertips. What are you going to create? You might be bubbling with excitement or just plain nervous. And that’s normal! There are lots of opportunities to explore with Local SEO, and we want you guys to try out google stacking as many times as you can!

To learn more about local seo, check out some tips from local seo agencies here.

We want to remind you again that you won’t’ be penalized for using google properties as backlinks. However, please do not spam keywords or links on whatever google properties you’re using.

We believe anyone can experience quick online growth by using the right strategies.

Take a chance now to explore Google Stacking!

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