Guide for Trending Keywords (Covid-19 & MORE)

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Guide for Trending Keywords (Covid-19 & MORE)


Whenever it comes to SEO, we always hear about keyword research. People go onto big search engines and search for things that interest them. 

These search terms influence the way businesses respond and engage with people.

Even though you may not be a fortune 500 company, you can still use the popularity of certain keywords to your own benefit.

In this article, we’ll talk specifically about trending keyword research. How does this differ from normal keyword research?

Trending keyword research is basically researching for keywords related to trends. These could be local, seasonal, or global trends.

As we explore how to tackle each of these trends, we’ll be introducing some free tools, and other online resources as well.

Each of these tools will give us certain information and insight as to what people are searching for.

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Basic Research on Trends

How can you understand your customers and their behavior online? Is it important to understand how they think?

For those of you already familiar with keyword research, you might know that finding the right keywords make a huge difference.

With the right keywords, you can write a powerful blog post and attract online users who are looking for a business like yours!

How do we find these keywords? Well, one amazing tool you have at your disposal is Google Trends.

Google trends is amazing as it gives you updated information about trending search queries from all around the world. 

During the time of this article, the coronavirus pandemic has just begun its spread across the globe.

If you plan on writing an article, or producing content based around a major event such as covid-19, here are the basics of trending keyword research.

1.Google Trends Home Page

Google Trend’s home page is where you can first get started. 
Before you start, make sure you choose the right location at the top right corner of the home page.

google trends home page

As you scroll down you also get the latest stories and insights.

latest stories and insights trending keyword research

Let’s go to google trend’s report on coronavirus search trends.

coronavirus search trends

On this page, Google brings to you relevant data and gives you some insight as to what people and users are concerned about.

What are these tables of information in the report?

Firstly you have daily insights.

Daily insights are updated pieces of information on the most popular search terms.
When it comes to daily insights, we want to stick with search terms that have increased in popularity the past month.

trending questions past month

As you can see here, we have trending questions from the past day, and trending “how to…” questions from the past month.

We want to look at trending information from the past month.

Trending insights given from the past day or week are too short of a time period. These keywords might lose popularity really fast.

However, trends from the past month have a higher chance of growing in popularity for a longer time.

Why? This is because trends from the past month have shown a steady growth of interest for a month already.

Trends from the past day have only shown a spike of interest for one day.

2. Compare the Popularity of Trends

When it comes to the popularity of terms, google trends gives us a comparison between any of the terms it has data on.

Based on whatever terms you input, you can see which keyword is the most popular.

Lets choose two terms from the tables of information earlier.

One from trending questions of the past day, and another from “How to…” questions from the past month.
In order to compare these two terms, let’s go to the explore page.

compare interest level of trending keywords

Over here we see that the blue line showing the interest level for the term trending the past day.

The interest level is much lower than the red line, which represents the search term trending the past month.

Now that we know how to compare the popularity of trending keywords on google trends, what’s next?

Google trends gives you a lot of information, but what about insight from other sources?

3. Analyze existing trends through the News

Google trends has given us many trending keyword ideas through its reports and data, this tells us what people are thinking. And this is great, but there is more to learn.

In order to understand the people we’re trying to connect to, we should also understand the entire situation causing the trend,

There’s one awesome place we can go to do some digging. Google News!

Coronavirus search terms displayed might not tie in with haircuts or mention barbershops, however you can understand that most of your customers are stuck at home through Google News.

This piece of insight can be discovered through. a search for something like “coronavirus shutdown”.

google news archive search

By more doing research about the pandemic yourself, you can understand that many people are required to stay at home most of the day. 

Whether or not your barbershop has been ordered to close down or not, most of your customers are probably spending most of their time at home.

The insight here is that you have to find a way to continue engaging with them based on this new situation. How can we find out what they want?

Lets create a customized keyword list.

Within our keywords, we want at least 1 trend-related word and 1 business-related word.

For coronavirus, what are some trend-related words available?

  • shutdown
  • stay at home
  • coronavirus
  • home

What about business-related words?

  • haircut
  • shave
  • hair trim
  • hair fade
  • hair tattoo
  • buzzcut
  • beard trim
  • razor
  • scissors

Once we have these 2 lists, we can combine them and get a proper keyword list.

Here is a sample keyword list for your business:

  • how to haircut at home
  • haircut during shutdown
  • Stay at home haircut
  • stay at home shave
  • shave during shutdown
  • home haircut
  • home shave

Based on these examples, you can search and compare the growing interest of the keywords from above.

google trends explore comparison

From the above comparison, we see that “home haircut” is the search term with the most interest. The second most popular term here is “how to haircut at home”.

Now that we’ve done this, we can see that by doing research through google news we can come up with our own customized keyword list.

Afterwards, we can also compare and evaluate their popularity on google trends. This gives us a lot of useful information on which trending keywords are in demand. And that’s great!

But what else is there? Can we get even better insight elsewhere?

What if there is more information that can tell us exactly how many people are searching for specific keywords?

4.Using the Right Keyword Research Tool

For trending keywords, the best piece of data we can get is the number of searches per month. On the exact month that we want.

What does this mean?

You need a tool that provides data on monthly searches for at least the past year.

There are many keyword research tools that can give you this type of information. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free tool that can give you this insight.

When it comes to improving your on-page SEO, paying for the right keyword research tool can make a huge difference.

We understand making the commitment can be intimidating, and that’s why we’re recommending a great beginner level tool.


Mangools keyword research tool allows you to take a look at the monthly number of searches up to the past 5 years!

Let’s compare the trending keywords we found earlier!

mangools home haircut trend
 mangools kw finder feb 2020

Based on the above comparison of monthly searches, we see a massive increase between the months of march and february.

The timing of this increase in searches matches the timing that city lockdowns were issued to people all around the world. Tons of people were forced to stay at home starting from the month of march.

mangools march 2020 trend
mangools feb 2020 trend

Over here we see the same massive increase in searches from february to march.

However, there are way less searches for “how to haircut at home” compared to “home haircut”.

By using the right keyword tool, you can instantly compare the exact number of searches between several keywords.

Based on what you find, you can go ahead and plan on what keywords to use.

Researching Seasonal Trends

When it comes to certain trends, some stick around for a long time. Other trends only for a short time. And then we have trends that come and go regularly. These trends are seasonal.

Seasonal trends are predictable and are based around two things.

  1. Seasonal Weather
  2. Regular Events

To learn how to research for seasonal trends, we’re going to look at major football events. What specific events are we going to look at?

Introducing the Fifa World Cup and Uefa Euro Cup!

Both of these international football tournaments occur every 4 years. The last fifa world cup was in 2018, and the last uefa euro cup was in 2016.  

Even though your barbershop is a business not related to football or any sports, we can still find trending keywords relevant to your business.

How do we do this?

First of all we have to find a popular topic about these sports events. Afterwards, we’ll try to tie that topic to your business!

1. Using the News Archive

For this step in our research, we’re going to use the google main search engine. But this time, we’re going to look for past trending articles in the news section.

google news archive search

In this search results page, we’ve searched for fifa world cup 2018. The top 3 results returned information showing us something in common.

Portugese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo!

By going through these articles, we can see that cristiano ronaldo is a world famous football star. His popularity could be the right topic to tie to your business.

But hang on, how can we know for sure that cristiano ronaldo is a trending keyword associated with these major football events? How do we know if he is that popular of a topic being searched?

We have to look at google trends again for more information.

2. Looking for trending news topics

Wait, haven’t we already used the google trends explore page already?  Yes we have, but this time we’re going to search with specific filters.

google trends explore news search

As you can see, we’re searching with news search as our filter.

compare seasonal trends keywords

When we compare the term, cristiano ronaldo with fifa world cup 2018, we see a similar spike of interest around the same time in the summer of 2018. 

Similar spikes of interest also occurred during the summer of 2016. This is the time that the Uefa Euro Cup was also being played.

Based on these regular spikes, we can come to the conclusion that the topic of cristiano ronaldo is a very popular one during these international football events.

We can also make a prediction for future events.

If cristiano plays at the upcoming Euro 2021 football tournament, there might be a large spike of interest in searching for his name.

Based on this prediction, we want to create a trending keyword list for Euro 2021.

 3. Creating seasonal trend keywords

For seasonal trend keywords we’re going to use a specific formula.

[trend-related term] + [business service/product related term]

For example, one potential keyword could be “cristiano ronaldo hair”.

Like our trending keywords we discovered for basic research on trends, we also want to confirm the monthly searches that these keywords have.

Once again, we should use a tool that gives us the number of monthly searches for the past year.

Here’s what we found on mangools.

cristiano ronaldo hair may
cristiano ronald hair mangools june

Here we can see that the search term, “cristiano ronaldo hair” is relatively popular.

We also see that the number of searches increased from 6,600 to 9,900 between the months of may and june 2018; This piece of information ties in with our prediction that during a major football tournament, there is an increase in online interest.

Research on Trending Products

As a small business that doesn’t sell much products, you might be used to promoting your business through finding the right social media strategy.

But what if your business wants to increase revenue by bringing in more products? With the right research, you can definitely find products that are more in demand than others.

We want to show you how to research for trending keywords that can help you sell products like crazy!

For this section, we’re going to use sustainability as our trend. Its a hot topic of discussion in politics, mainstream consumer culture and social media. 

Its the modern day issue that millions are dedicated to!

A barbershop owner might find it difficult to tie in products to relate to sustainability, however, lets see what some online research can tell us.

For example if we search “sustainable hair products” on ubersuggest, we get this.

ubersuggest keyword research hair products

Ubersuggest shows us that there isn’t much demand for the keyword, “sustainable hair products”. Sometimes this is the case.

Free keyword research tools can only tell us so much.

So where else can we get some insight now? Where is a place with information about online products?

No worries, we have the perfect place to do more research and its free to use.

This place is called Amazon!

1.Find product ideas on Amazon

To get some ideas on what products are related to sustainable men’s hair products, lets do an amazon search.

amazon search hair products

We see product results that include:

  • Face moisturizer
  • Shampoo
  • Hair Paste

Based on these new products that we found we can check how popular they are on google trends and ubersuggest.

2.Verify Product Popularity

Just like for basic trends and seasonal trends, we use google trend’s explore page.

On google trends explore, you might find products with these kind of results.

google trends explore graph

This kind of graph shows a popularity that isn’t constant and fluctuates from week to week.

For growing interest in a product, we want something like this.

rising trend from google explore

Once you find a product with this kind of growing interest, you can consider promoting it for your small business.

You might be wondering how to promote these products for your business? Besides, social media we would recommend taking a good look at using content marketing for promotion.

Local Trends for Keyword Research

If your barbershop is located in Boston, Massachussetts, your customer base might be very different from Atlanta, Georgia. 

As a business that wants to attract nearby local customers through your online presence, research is crucial.

For your shop you need to do research that is location-based. This means finding trending keywords that are relevant to people in Boston.

You might be asking, how can we discover what our customers are searching for?

In this situation, we’re going to use the google trends explore page in a special way.

1.Business Keywords

In order to look for keywords that relate to your business, we have to come up with our own keyword list.

Make sure you choose keywords that are directly related to your business service or products that you sell.

For a barbershop, this is what we have come up with.

  • Barbershop
  • Men’s haircut
  • Men’s buzzcut
  • Men’s shave
  • Pomade
  • Beard
  • Men’s hairstyle
  • Men’s’ hair tattoo

After you have come up with this list, we’ll do a search on google trends.

This time we’re going to select Boston as the location for our results.

choose location google trends explore

By choosing the Boston region for results, we can get more specific information on what is being searched in our area.

related queries topics google trends

Related topics and related queries will give us an idea of what else is closely related to our business keyword, “barbershop”.

For the keyword “barbershop”, we didn’t get much information. So we’ll keep on searching.

related queries google trends explore

Here are the results for the keyword, “beard”. We see two terms closely related to our business.

Beard straightener and beard comb.

Based on these findings, we can go forth and promote these products on social media, or write an article on beard grooming.

This is one way you can help boost your business through local trends. For tips from local seo agency professionals, click here to learn more about local search.

Final Words

It can be intimidating navigating the internet to look for information. So much of it is being offered and presented to you.!

You might wonder, which one matters for your business the most? As a small business, there are many options for you to grow your online presence. There’s building your authority through curated content, planning a targeted social media strategy, and many more.

And now there’s trending keyword research at your fingertips! With so much to explore, you’ll find that there are trends that are harder to tie in with your business, and there are those that are more relevant to tie in.

These tools provided to you are meant to do the hard work for you already. All you need to do is to stick with the keyword research list you’ve come up with!

A lot can be discovered with your persistence,

We hope you enjoyed our article and find trending keyword research as insightful as we do!

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