Twitter Raids — Drive TONS of
awareness to your NFT project


Twitter Raids — Drive TONS of
awareness to your NFT project

If you know the NFT world, you know that it’s a community above all else. Fans are intent on helping their favorite projects succeed in an oversaturated market. Their determination has resulted in a promotion technique, aptly named Twitter Raids.

What are Twitter Raids?

A Twitter Raid is a tactic used by NFT communities to promote their favorite collection. They do this by targeting “crypto-influencers” on Twitter and mass-spamming them about a certain NFT project. Essentially, these raids are flash campaigns to quickly raise awareness for a collection.

How do you execute a Twitter Raid?

First, you have to establish an NFT community. This is a group of people who support and follow your work and are willing to take the time to promote it.  Once you have your community, you make a Discord channel. Here, you can communicate with your fans to plan your raid.

Next, you and your followers find relevant influencers to target. There are many NFT influencers on Twitter, and they often post queries asking their followers to recommend projects. Discord members find these Tweets and post links to them in the channel.

Each member clicks on the link and comments on the post. The statements usually include photos of the NFTs and a tag for the Twitter profile. If everyone on the channel does this on every post, influencers – and their followers – are bound to take notice.

The goal of this tactic is to gain more followers for the artist and, more importantly, attention from potential buyers.

But is it necessarily the best way to promote your work? Mass following tactics, such as Twitter Raids, can be a great – and free – way to grow your account, but there are other options to consider.

How else can I grow my Twitter account?

There are a few ways to promote your collection without paying or spamming influencers. One of the most popular (and effective) methods is to host a giveaway.

  • You can offer free NFTs or whitelist spots in exchange for a follow, a like, or a comment.
  • This can garner a lot of engagement, but not necessarily a community.

The best way to attract investors and have consistent engagement is to create a story behind the project. This can make your followers feel like they’re connected to your work, and it’s the best way to build a valuable community.

Twitter Raids — Drive TONS of <br> awareness to your NFT project 1
Image from Social Champ

Other pointers are:

  • You should have a steady posting schedule,
  • Make use of relevant hashtags
  • Include good-quality media.
  • Continue to engage with your followers.

    They want to be included in your process and interact with their favorite NFT creator. They’re much more likely to invest in you when you invest in them.

However, if you’re looking for a faster alternative, there are ways to pay to grow your account. Shoutouts from influencers are the quickest way, but you can also run Twitter ads or follow campaigns to gain an audience. These methods may seem like an easy fix, but building your entire following on paid promotions won’t necessarily bring you real engagement.

Paid posts may boost your numbers, but without valuable content, those numbers will dwindle.

Should I opt for paid or organic growth?

When deciding on an approach, you should consider your specific goals.

Organic growth is best for building a community; a group of people who engage with you and follow your work throughout. Once you’ve gained a larger audience, organic posts will keep them following you.

Alternatively, paid growth is useful when you’ve already established a community. When you’re looking to expand your account or find new buyers, you can reach a wider audience and target new people who may be interested in your work.

Ultimately, neither is better than the other. Both have different functions and are equally helpful. Utilizing both organic and paid strategies is your safest bet if your budget allows it. 

Final thoughts

Twitter Raids and other growth tactics do work, but they won’t attract real investors unless you’re producing good content. A mix of methods (like a raid accompanied by consistent, quality posts) will yield the best results.

Whichever tactics you use, make sure that your posts are valuable enough to keep people coming back for more. Five hundred followers that interact with you are better than ten thousand that don’t.

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