Web stories: what are they and how can you benefit from using them? 

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Web Stories are similar to Instagram stories in that they allow creators to share a series of photographs, videos, and sounds. 

Web Stories are built on accelerated mobile pages, which have generated a lot of discussion in the marketing industry. 

Web Stories are "fully immersive" due to their ability to be viewed in full-screen mode.


Where Can Web Stories Be Found?  Web Stories can be found on your website, search engine results, in Google Discover, in online publications, and on several devices.

How to create Web Stories:  

Web Stories are written in an AMP format, which is a fast-loading format that can be read on mobile devices. To be valid, Web Stories must have HTML markup. Web Stories can be created by utilizing any of these options: 

Third-Party Services WordPress Integration Integration with Shopify

Third-party tools can help you create Web Stories without a developer or design expertise. 

Third-Party Services

Google and WordPress have collaborated to develop a plugin that allows publishers to generate stories directly on their WordPress site.

Wordpress Integration

An app called Product Stories allow your Shopify pages to be converted into Web Stories. 

Integration with Shopify

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