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Content creation is an essential part of any online business. It’s the place you can convince visitors to your website, blogs, social media profiles, etc to become customers. It doesn’t mean you need to be ‘selling’ something to have good content writing. You would just like to be heard. Its about the message that you’re giving… are you considered professional, funny, serious, confident, knowledgeable, etc? This is all shown through the way your content has been written online.

Our team covers a range of content marketing services and has spent many hours researching industries, analyzing social media profiles, testing tones, writing stories, creating topics/ blogs, formatting landing pages for PPC campaigns and so much more in the hope to be able to help any digital business thrive. The approach we take is simple; know what you’re writing about and write in a way that the person reading finishes to the end, taking away (at least) one valuable sentence.

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    Content Marketing Services, Content Writing, Content Creation and Content Plans

    What types of Content Writing & Marketing Services do you offer?

    The question should be more about what don’t we offer. Our writers (all native English speaking) cover a wide range of styles for many purposes. When writing on a subject, you need to always think about who your audience is and cater for the format that this content piece will be delivered. One you have finished your on-site SEO, its time to look at what content marketing services & strategies you can implement to reach your target audiences and add value.

    The following has been the most popular with our clients:

    SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks


    Writing articles for your website, blog or even social media pages give your audience a detailed look into a subject.

    This is where we speak about a topic you produce (or we can come up for you) which outlines and explains the subject matter.

    This is the most popular form of content you can use as its easy to place it online or even chop it up into smaller bites of information for a series of posts on social media, for example.

    A lot can be done with this base content.

    Fun examples, are guides, lists, trends, etc.

    SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks


    This is when we write a shorter article for you, with the sole purpose of it living on another person/ companies blog.

    The post will be engaging through an attractive title, relevant image, a link back to you website with your anchor text and cover a subject which both relates to your website and the website it ‘lives’ on. The link pointing back to you is very valuable and considered a backlink, showing Google that you have internet popularity. We offer these guest posts/ links in all industries and can give you thousands of websites to choose from.

    Even though it sounds like a daunting task, we can guide you through the process painlessly.


    SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks

    When you have something newsworthy, you want to tell everyone about it who you feel would be interested.

    Luckily in our digital age, its much easier to do than, say, 30 years ago. We work with media publishers worldwide who distribute press releases to the majority of newspapers, magazines, bloggers, influencers and a variety of online platforms. Their primary focus is to showcase the latest NEWS. Never underestimate the power of the NEWS media and what it can do for you brand.

    Its a famous promotional tactic for some of the largest companies in the world (think of how Virgin does this well).

    Social Media Content Creation

    Then, of course, our content marketing services include handling social media content for a variety of business profiles and many other ad-hoc writing services. If you have a specific idea of what you need or would like to have a chat with us, please dont hesitate to contact us. One thing is for sure, even if you don’t take us on for the services we offer, you will walk away with a lot of information about what you need to succeed in this (often confusing) digital marketing world.

    You can view our social media marketing packages, here.

    Social Media Marketing and Management and Strategy, Content Plans and Calendars, Content Development

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    When working with clients, our main goal is for your business to succeed. Our combined years of experience in digital marketing gives us a wealth of tried and tested results. Our team is completely ready to help you strategize with any of our services you choose. We have the ability to direct all your campaigns towards the objectives set, and most of the time, exceed expectations.

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