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SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks

Why PPC Campaign Management?

Many businesses want results quickly. This is where PPC campaign management is the best option. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and covers a wide range of online paid-for advertising & lead generation methods. While we preach ‘organic everything’ which relates to doing organic (SEO, social media, content) practices, we do understand that sometimes a more targeted, quicker approach is needed. Especially when it comes down to growth.

In many startups from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv, there is a strong push for growth. There may not be time for your team to build a solid on-site SEO strategy and start organically attracting leads. Your social media may need a little boost as opposed to relying on attracting customers via your content strategy.

This is where PPC campaign management comes in. It’s the powerhouse that many of the biggest online companies rely on, while offering a wealth of data about your target market for when you decided to go the same route.

Even though we are an local SEO agency at heart, we can’t deny the fact that many of our clients need this service. In the past we have used PPC advertising to our advantage and with some brands’ new lead funnels, they couldn’t see a future without it.

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    $750 / month
    • Managed Campaign
    • Advertising Budget $1000+
    • Up to 15 Ad Groups
    • 2 Ads per Ad Group
    • 300 Keywords
    • 1 Platform
    • Campaign Design & Pre-Optimization
    • Search Term Optimization
    • Traffic Sculpting
    • Performance Optimization
    • Weekly Scale Ops
    • Dedicated Campaign Manager
    • Transparent Reporting
    • excl 1 Time Set Up Fee ($200)



    $950 / month
    • Managed Campaign
    • Advertising Budget $5000+
    • Up to 60 Ad Groups
    • 6 Ads per Ad Group
    • 1000 Keywords
    • 1 Platform
    • Campaign Design & Pre-Optimization
    • Search Term Optimization
    • Traffic Sculpting
    • Performance Optimization
    • Weekly Scale Ops
    • Dedicated Campaign Manager
    • Transparent Reporting
    • excl 1 Time Set Up Fee ($300)

    How do I get started
    with PPC?

    Its easy, and the process is simple. Look through our cost effective lead funnel packages above. Once you have an idea get in touch with us so we can start talking. As a lead generation agency, we focus on full transparency for you, working with a variety of budgets to suit all pockets, business leads objectives and strategies. 
    Pay per Click (PPC) Campaign Strategy and Management, Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

    After completing an online PPC campaign management form covering your business’s information, we start to understand your needs, expectations, and sales lead generation goals.

    We then start our research with your website as the base and cover target location, unique selling point (USP), competitors, and much more. Following this, we conduct detailed keyword research, keeping several factors in mind like geometric location, services provided by you, and your business categories.

    Keywords get divided into small groups according to their relevancy which will eventually help you to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) and quality score and decreasing CPC (Cost Per Click).

    Once you have approved these keywords, we will start creating highly convertible ad copy. Again your approval is needed on the copy but once it’s done, you’re all set!

    Leave it in our hands to set up correct conversion tracking and full visitor profile tracking reports on your website so that we can keep our proper eye on the whole PPC campaign management. The conversion tracking code will be inserted in the backend of your website in order to do this.

    SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks

    There are many differences but the main being with PPC you pay for your information to be shown, while SEO is the way to show (Google) that you deserve being ranked in searches. The better the SEO the higher the ranking.

    Another major difference is that with PPC you need to pay to play. SEO can be done and stopped and you can still organically climb the SERPs provided that you didn’t do anything that would negatively affect you. An advantage that PPC has over SEO is speed.

    You can set up an ad and it will be live instantly where with SEO it can take you many months to see good results. SEO, organic traffic methods, social media, etc are all used to gain authority within your industry.

    How can PPC Campaign Management improve my business?

    SEO, Lead Generation, Website Traffic and Backlinks

    With PPC you can get your product/ service in front of the eyes of your desired target market quickly. Thereafter you only pay for the clicks that people make on your ads. Its that simple.

    We walk you through each step along the way, with full transparency.

    Please note we can customize any lead generating campaign and budget. The above are baseline prices for Google Adwords & Facebook monthly PPC  packages.

    We also have experience creating Amazon & the Walmart Marketplace lead generation strategies and  PPC campaigns.

    Please contact us separately about these as they are custom campaigns.

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    "Did you know that PPC isn’t affected by algorithm updates".


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    When working with clients, our main goal is for your business to succeed. Our combined years of experience in digital marketing gives us a wealth of tried and tested results. Our team is completely ready to help you strategize with any of our services you choose. We have the ability to direct all your campaigns towards the objectives set, and most of the time, exceed expectations.

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