7 Unbeatable Social Media Marketing Reasons

7 Unbeatable Social Media Marketing Reasons

Social Media is Essential for Your Business

If there is a word to define the 21st century, we would bet it’s ‘SCROLL’.

You scroll through all forms of social media marketing when you wake up, you scroll when you are bored, you scroll looking for something, you scroll when you cannot sleep at night.

But most importantly, you scroll to find out where to spend your money.

Like where to go out and eat, what is in fashion, which vacuum performs the best, and the list goes on… 

Without fully realizing it social media marketing plays a key role in our consumption habits, purchases, and decision making.

If you have a business, social media is necessary. It is one of the most important marketing tools that you need. You are on socials, you have a voice, people can relate to you. It’s that simple.

If you are not on social media, you are in the dark and people may never notice you. Unless you are a huge brand like BMW which started building a reputation since… forever. But hey, BMW is also on social media, and it is doing well because of it.

Let’s dive deeper into the necessity of using this tool for your business.

First, let’s look at some data.

More than three billion people are on their mobiles scrolling through their socials. Daily. Smart devices create addiction. It’s hard to resist when taking a break, you get your phone out to see what’s ‘going on’.

And the numbers (just on Facebook) are impressive. Imagine going to a concert with 2.6 billion people.

Now allow us the time to give some very good reasons as to why you should jump on social media and make your brand’s voice heard.



As we said before, people love scrolling and they do it repeatedly throughout the course of a day.

Think about it this way: you have a clothing store, and you also sell online. A person may visit your store occasionally, let’s say once a month.

If you have an active presence on social platforms, the same person can interact with your brand daily. Which translates into more exposure.


Creating a social media account? FREE
Posting on a social media account? FREE
Interact with your social media audience? FREE
Posting ads on social media platforms? AFFORDABLE
Being on the radio or on TV? EXPENSIVE


Social media is the greatest tool to introduce your business to the world.

Nowadays people first find out about you from social media, then they will look for you offline.

The best example is the cooking industry. We don’t know if you noticed but in the last couple of years, emerging chefs and their little restaurants are a huge thing. A very good example is Matty Mattheson. He mostly promotes his book and his funny, unorthodox cooking through social media. He makes you laugh, presents you with recipes and even invites you into his world, his garden, his home, and his kitchen. Matty is close to reaching one million followers on Instagram.

Another notable example: Jake Cohen. A Brooklyn based Jewish chef who takes pride in his origins and his cooking. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting or making the most out of Tik Tok. What is even better is that he even manages to gather a non-Jewish community of fans who want to try all his recipes.

If the world doesn’t know who you are, take a leap of faith with social media. You might be the next superstar.  


Who are we following? It’s been known that even senior citizens are on Facebook. Everybody is on Facebook, Instagram, and more recently Tik Tok. Can you afford to not be on social media these days?

It’s like all your friends are at the greatest party in the world and you chose to stay home and watch a movie from the ’90s.

We don’t want to use the cliché ‘if you’re not on social media you don’t exist’ but it is true.

And because, globally, people have shifted to a more online existence, you find out about the latest trends, news, and everything else streaming in from social media.


Airlines. They are our ‘best friends’. It is impossible to not be annoyed by an airline at least once in your lifetime. Either they lost your luggage, or they oversold tickets, and you missed your flight, or another of the hundreds of things that can go wrong. If something can go wrong, it will! 

But they learned from their mistakes and now they are really trying to make things right for everyone.

United Airlines is one of the fastest airlines to answer you on Facebook. If you have a complaint to make or a question to ask, jump onto their social media. They will answer you immediately, in the most professional way.

Wonderful way to do customer service, right? It is also much cheaper (and normally quicker) plus it gives you a way to do immediate damage control in the public’s eye. 


You can get emails through social media. Yes, you heard it right.

Compile a brochure, create a video, and ask people to give you their email addresses in order to access your content. Easy. Or share your newsletter across social media channels. You can even create a button on Facebook prompting people to “Join our Newsletter”.

If you are an NGO, you can get donations through social media. A ‘Create a Fundraiser’ button is there at your disposal. Promote it by telling people to use it.


Do we need to say more? In 2019 there were seven billion people on social media. And we hate to break it to you, but who watches TV these days? Is it still a thing? Everything you need is online.


We presented you with seven reasons as to why you should be on social media and why you should do social media marketing (or speak with Facebook Marketing Companies). We have seventy more, but we don’t want to sound like your parents.

If this task is a bit daunting and you’re unsure where to start, we are here to help at any time with your social media marketing. And trust us, we have some interesting strategies up our sleeves!


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