Learn About Web3: 11 Web3 Courses for Beginners

Learn About Web3: 11 Web3 Courses for Beginners

Web3. Heard of it? Sure, you have! 

Touted as the next big thing to change our lives (for the better), the progression towards a more decentralized, autonomous iteration of the world wide web is happening before our eyes.

That said, Web3 remains an enigma to most people, while many others don’t know where to start! We often get asked: “Where can I learn about Web3?”

So, today, we’ve decided to help everyone out! 

Check out our list of the best Web3 courses, resources, and other cool places where you can learn about Web3.

Why Should You Learn About Web3?

Web3 is a rapidly growing industry, with many fascinating new decentralized applications (dApps) and more on the way. As a result, now is an opportune time to learn about Web3. Career prospects abound for people with the foresight to broaden their skillset to produce the next generation of web applications.

Predicting the future of the internet and getting ahead of the crowd will give you a competitive edge at work. As a result, understanding Web3 will give you an advantage over the rest of the industry. To summarize, you can benefit from the imminent financial and technological revolution. More significantly, you can assist in converting the internet into a more democratic and censorship-free arena, liberating it from the concentration of power we saw in the Web2 phase.

The Best Web3 Courses for Newbies

1. Web3 University

Several different web3 courses are available at Web3 University, each of which provides lessons on a specific facet of Web3. NFT development and smart contract creation are among the course subjects, as are lectures on blockchain-centric programming languages like Solidity and Solana. 

The lessons include both video and written content. All of Web3 University’s content is available for free. The “Create Your First Smart Contract” study program is a terrific place to start for aspiring Web3 newcomers and organizations wishing to enter the Web3 arena.

2. Chainshot.com Ethereum Developer Bootcamp

ChainShot is a 10-week instructor-led Web3 developer bootcamp that claims to teach students how to construct a proof-of-work blockchain, smart contracts in Solidity, and decentralized apps. The bootcamp employs a cohort learning style, in which students spend the first half of class time studying with an instructor before breaking into individual coding groups to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Students must apply to be accepted, and all students must be at the same coding level. Students with lower coding skills can request a customized curriculum. There are two payment options: a $3,000 once-off payment or five $650 installments.

3. Udemy, Inc.

Udemy is an e-learning site that provides video courses on various topics. Users may visit udemy.com and search for the subject matter they wish to learn about Web3. On its EdTech platform, Udemy offers many blockchain and web3 courses. Among the highlights are:

  • Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution
  • Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition
  • Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming From Scratch in 2022
  • Complete DApp—Solidity & React—Blockchain Development
  • Getting started with Web3 Development

The cost of these courses varies.

4. Bloom Institute of Technology

The Bloom Institute of Technology, formerly known as the Lambda School, provides a 10-week Web3 course to assist students in transitioning from Web2 to Web3. It discusses smart contracts, Solidity, and emerging software concepts like decentralized finance.

Students should plan on 15 hours of work each week, including live sessions and built-in office hours. The course costs $5,500 and gives students access to the study materials for one year. Students must have at least one year of prior coding expertise with JavaScript, Git, Github, and shell scripting.

5. Zero to Mastery, Inc.

Zero to Mastery (ZTM) offers a five-hour Web3 Masterclass covering blockchain security, prospective Web3 application use cases, cryptocurrency foundations, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) fundamentals.

ZTM offers video courses on several IT disciplines in a style comparable to Udemy. Users may subscribe to ZTM for $39 per month, $279 yearly, or a one-time cost of $999 for lifetime video access. The courses are free after you have subscribed.

6. LearnWeb3

LearnWeb3 provides free web3 courses in four distinct learning paths: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. There is also a Discord community where students may ask questions, connect with others, and attend special events. Furthermore, students can get graduation NFTs by linking their ETH wallet (a wallet for cryptocurrency usage on the Ethereum network).

Following the courses all the way through, learners may progress from setting up their development environment and creating their first DApp to learning about Web3 security, flash loans, and Ethereum’s maximum extractable value tax (MEV). Many of the classes include hyperlinks to readings on FreeCodeCamp.org and Codecademy.com.

7. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a Web3 content section for an annual membership charge of $26.99 per month. It provides instructional videos that generally run less than an hour and whole courses that may take up to nine hours. Typical subjects include blockchain fundamentals, Bitcoin, and the intersection between blockchain and business.

8. Buildspace 

Buildspace is a Web3 platform that provides free, cohort-based online Web3 app development classes. Users may sign up and connect their Ethereum wallet to get a course completion certificate as an NFT after verifying curriculum completion.

When students complete a course, they are granted alum permissions, which allow them to access additional channels on Buildspace, such as where companies post openings for Web3 developers.

It teaches the essentials of Web3, such as writing Solidity, minting NFTs, and developing full-stack dapps, bringing you blockchain materials from the finest.

9. UseWeb3

UseWeb3 is a Web3 exploration and learning tool for developers—whether you’re a beginner developer getting your hands dirty for the first time or an experienced developer making the switch to Web3.

10. Quest Book

Almost 15,000+ other enthusiasts use Quest Book to complete Web3 courses and earn cryptocurrency and NFTs. They offer several ways to study, such as Build on Ethereum, Build on Solana, etc. You may also earn NFTs by completing Quests. It’s an excellent environment for learning blockchain and Web3.

11. Moralis Academy

Moralis Academy offers an excellent opportunity to learn about Web3 and understand the technology becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. The academy’s online web3 courses provide comprehensive coverage of Web3, blockchain technology, and its aspects, from its origins to its potential applications. In addition, its courses are taught by industry experts with years of experience in the field. 

Additional Resources You Might Dig

In addition to the web3 courses described above, more online resources are available for developers to study and build Web3 code. Some free courses, such as LearnWeb3, also include links to these sites.


FreeCodeCamp.org and its instructors have several free tutorials on YouTube, including:

  • Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts Course
  • Making NFT Art with On-Chain Metadata
  • Make your own Blockchain ERC20 Token using Python, Brownie, or Solidity


Users may interact with interactive interfaces like CrytpoZombies and Ethernauts, which teach users about blockchain technology as they play.

Tools and libraries that are open source

There are several online open source tools available to Web3 developers, including:


OpenZeppelin provides open-source smart contract security tools.


Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment for professionals.

News and media 

Web3 enthusiasts may remain up to date on crypto developments by following a variety of media outlets, including:

NFT Podcasts 

NFT Talk Show, NFT Catcher, Two Bored Apes, Edge of NFT, and The Nifty Show.

NFT Influencers

GaryVee, EllioTrades Crypto, Giancarlo Buys Tokens, and Anthony Pompilano 

Final Thoughts

Learning about Web3 is an incredible investment to make in yourself. With opportunities popping up left, right, and center, and the demand far outweighing the supply of skilled people, you won’t regret taking the time to learn the ropes.

We hope that this article helped you find the perfect course to learn about Web3! Check out the rest of our blogs for more on web3, NFTs, digital marketing, and more!


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