Top 10 Rules To Run A Successful SEO Campaign

Top 10 Rules to Run a Successful SEO Campaign

SEO is an essential piece of modern business. We know that consumers are online, and the best way to reach them is by being the first business they see when they make a search. A focused, digital campaign can help you achieve this!   But how do you navigate search engine optimization in a meaningful way? Are there ways to stand out from the rest and really see results?

Is SEO better than PPC

We’re going to give you a few essential tips for starting a successful SEO campaign. The process isn’t as challenging as you would think, and we’re here to show you why.  

Let’s get started:


Before we get started, we’re going to give you a little framework through which you can think about search engine optimization. You may know a little about the industry, but it’s important to get a refresher here and there.  

Think about search engines as competing businesses that want to provide the best services. We take them for granted and assume that they’re just there for our use, but they are, in fact, competing businesses.

They seek to provide the most relevant search results to their users so that users keep using their site. Users want to find sites that will help them and meet their needs. For that reason, it’s essential to try and genuinely create a valuable site that will serve users.

Black Hat or dishonest means of cultivating search rankings will only hurt you in the long run. Keep in mind that your site’s true value will shine through if you use honest SEO means.

With that in mind, here are some things you need to focus on in modern SEO.


Keyword research is the first thing you need to tune in before you start pumping out SEO optimized content. Researching search terms allows you to see what users are searching for. Good research sites will also show you how many competitors you’ll be up against to rank for specific keywords. The optimal situation is one where you’re trying to rank for a popular keyword with little-to-no competition.

This won’t happen in most cases, but a balance that lies further toward no competition is one you should pursue.


Knowing precisely who you’re trying to reach and rank for will greatly help you in your keyword research. Google Analytics allows you to pinpoint specific demographics in order to determine what they’re searching and when they’re searching for it. Make sure that you find popular keywords for the users that you believe will make purchases or lead toward your metrics of success.


While social media value is not specifically a search engine algorithm ranking factor, web presence on social media and SEO definitely has a symbiotic relationship. Users that are directed to your site from social media will engage with your content and show the search engine that your site is relevant. One hand feeds the other.


Google has taken on a mobile-first platform wherein they rank a site’s mobile version before the desktop one. This doesn’t mean that not having a mobile page will hurt your rankings, but it does say that Google is starting to value mobile more. Start mobile pages and optimize them before your desktop pages. It feels as though Google will place more value on mobile in the future, so it’s good to be prepared.


It is essential that you create regular, valuable content for your blog, campaigns, or separate pages. These are pieces of content that should be optimized for the keywords you’ve been researching. You can then spread that content to your social media pages, directing users back toward your page in hopes that they make purchases, subscribe, and more.


You should develop a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm. You don’t have to know specifics about each ranking factor, but it helps to know the most important ones. Additionally, the algorithm changes regularly and some changes will harm your rankings if you don’t adjust. You might think that a change is a penalty to your account when, in reality, you just need to make a slight change.


Getting people to link to your site is a key component of rising search results. When other sites link to you, search engines take that as a sign that you are a site which has valuable content. It’s almost like a vote in your favor whenever you get a backlink. You might have to reach out to other sites and offer to create content for their site and include a link in it. You might just be able to ask to have your content linked to because you feel it would fit well in another site.


You should also market your site and your content with the use of PPC. PPC (pay-per-click) is a method of advertising that allows you to put your ads in front of very specific audiences. Search engines and social media sites collect highly specific demographic information on users. Because of this, you’re able to place ads in front of those users with a high degree of specificity.

Additionally, you only pay when your ad is clicked.


It isn’t enough to post just once or twice a week on social media or to your blog. You should be posting regular content that’s keyword optimized and spread throughout your platforms.


When you look at everything involved in a fully functioning SEO campaign, it starts to look like a full-time job. There’s a lot of work involved in doing everything well, and you may be better off if you hire someone to do it or outsource the work to an agency.


The time to start working on your SEO campaign is now. Generating great rankings takes a little time when you do it on your own, so the sooner the better. If you’re looking for more information on SEO or are trying to find an agency, visit our site.


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