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Did you know that 74% of marketers say that content marketing is increasing both the quality and quantity of their inbound leads.

Our Content Writing Services

Content Marketing is an essential component in every brand’s digital marketing strategy. By making your website, social media profiles, or blog more visible to potential customers, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your value without directly selling your product or service. When your content is fully optimized, sometimes all it takes is to be seen.

With our content writing & marketing services, you can tell us exactly how you want to be portrayed. Is your brand factual and professional in the way that it communicates, or would you like to add a splash of humor? Just say the word, and we will create content perfectly tailored to your brand’s niche, target audience and personality.

Types of Content Writing

We cover the most effective writing strategies for your business.

Article Writing

We can supply you with everything from the topic to the end result to write a set amount of articles for your website every month. This option is our most popular, as blog articles are versatile and can double as shorter social media posts or be put together as an e-guide.

Guest Posting

Guest posts are pieces written for the sole purpose of placing your brand on another company’s website. This is useful to position above the competitors and spread brand awareness. In essence, it guarantees a backlink to your website, which is excellent for your SEO.

Press Releases

Spread accomplishment far and wide. We work with media publishers worldwide who distribute press releases to newspapers, magazines, bloggers, influencers and a variety of online platforms. An effective and popular promotional tactic worldwide.

Content Writing Services We Offer?

Our brilliant team covers a wide range of content writing services, and is capable of in-depth industry research, finding relevant and interesting topics to write about, and creating informative, well-written and engaging copy on any subject. They have the ability to cater to your audience’s specific needs and use any format, from long- to short-form copy, to best suit you and your audience’s preferences. We understand the importance of considering every potential reader’s individual needs and catering to them as best as possible in order to deliver valuable and engaging content.

Social Media Content Writing

As part of our content writing services, we also handle social media content for a variety of business profiles and provide many other ad-hoc writing services. If you have an idea of what you need or would like to have a chat with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Regardless of whether you choose us for our services or not, you will learn a lot about what you need to succeed in this (often confusing) industry.

“Did you know that 74% of marketers say that content marketing is increasing
both the quality and quantity of their inbound leads”.

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Located in the heart of Johannesburg, our office sits in the affluent area of this metropolitan city. Sandton has been developed into one of the top financial districts in the country. All of the nation’s top investment banks and financial consultants have chosen Sandton as the head office. Some notable companies include Massmart and Nedbank. You can also find one of the biggest convention centres of the African continent in Sandton. The Sandton Convention Centre is a twelve storey building built to accommodate up to 10,000 people at any one time. Some of the most prolific annual events are held at this convention centre.

Johannesburg has now transitioned from being a gold mining city to becoming one of the most multicultural and vibrant cities in the continent. Home to one of the world’s largest urban forest and art gallery, this is a progressive city that Kadima Digital is proud to call one of our homes.


Located in southern Europe, a part of our team resides in Lisbon, the capital of PortugalLisbon boasts breathtaking scenery and a rich culture, and has become a hotspot for startups and other successful businesses. Companies such as Volkswagen, Tyson and Capgemini are examples of major international businesses established here. With Portugal being ranked 7th in the world for English proficiency, as well as being relatively cost-friendly, it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs and CEOs are venturing towards its capital. Lisbon offers some of the most beautiful views in the world, and is a definite contender for the next big tech and business hub. With its world-class infrastructure, incredible culture, and high standard of living, there is no shortage of  experiences to be had.

Tel Aviv

Located in the heart of the middle east, our head office sits in Tel Aviv, Israel. This little country is home to more startups per capita and some very well known tech companies, including Payoneer, Walkme and Riskified. In the most recent years, the thriving tech scene has drawn many venture capitalists and startup founders to the city.

Besides its mature business ecosystem, Tel Aviv is also known to be one of the best cities for nightlife and international cuisine. The cultural heritage combined with its modern sensibilities makes it the ideal environment for Kadima Digital to connect with forward-thinking brands and business leaders. It is our pride and honor to call the world’s most innovative tech hub our home.